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Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder Bundle (Black)
Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder Bundle (Black)
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What Camcorder is right for me?

First, it’s helpful to figure out what type of user you are:

  • Travelers who want to capture memories

  • Parents or expecting parents who want to record their children

  • Filmmakers or hobbyists who want to record the world around them

  • Gadget gurus who need the latest and greatest new toy

  • Retirees or grandparents who often display characteristics of both A and B

You might find that you fall into multiple categories. After you take a look at why, when and where you want to record using a camcorder, then you can more easily decide what type of camcorder is right for you.


Buying Tips:

  • Know your options: Take the time to surf the web and learn about the various brands and models available.

  • Set a Budget: After you have done your homework set a price and try not to exceed it.

  • Determine your frequency of use: How often you utilize your camera should weigh in on how much you are willing to invest in one

  • Familiarize yourself with the technical terms: Learn what you want and need in a camera and take the time to learn those terms.

  • Determine your operating comfort level: Try out various models and see what weight, design and model feels right. Keep in mind that you could end up holding the camera for hours on end so this is an important factor to consider.

  • Ease of Use: Choose a camera that is easy to use and has a variety of manual options.

  • Options: Manual options make the filming process much more manageable for a beginner or intermediate user so be sure to consider the best option for you.

  • Don’t believe the hype: Don’t let unnecessary features govern your buying decision.

  • Take Notice of the Recording Format: Most cameras record onto tape or DVD but some record onto memory cards.

  • Check out the LCD Screen in Daylight if Possible: It is important that you are able to see what you are filming with ease. Some screens wash out in bright sunlight and take away from the functionality of the camera.

  • Make Battery life a priority: The battery that comes with most camcorders often lasts about an hour or so. Consider purchasing a longer lasting battery for longer excursions.

What Camcorders does Sam’s Club offer?

Sams Club offers a wide range camcorders by various brand name manufacturers such as Cannon, Flip, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Panasonic and more. With a variety of styles and options to choose from as well as a wide range of prices, there is something for everyone!

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