Camcorder Batteries

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Batteries for Your Camcorder

Sam’s Club carries a wide variety of digital camcorder batteries designed to work with most major brands of camcorders. For every major brand and model of camcorder, you’ll find a full selection of camcorder batteries at affordable prices. Extra camcorder batteries will lend you a big helping hand when it comes to your camcorder’s performance overall.

When you’re on vacation, traveling on business or in any remote location, you might have difficulty finding the time or the place to recharge your camcorder battery. Which is why having a spare camcorder battery can make a lot of sense. When one camcorder battery runs out of power, you can simply swap it out for the charged spare and you’re ready to start filming again in a matter of moments.

Having an extra camcorder battery also means that you can charge one while you’re using the other, making it much more efficient and virtually guaranteeing that your camcorder is always ready to use. It also means that when your main camcorder battery fails permanently—and it will, because eventually lithium batteries lose their ability to hold a charge—you’ll already have a spare camcorder battery on hand and available to use.

Not only are our camcorder batteries more affordable than having to buy replacement parts from the manufacturer, they may even have a longer lifespan than the battery that comes with your camcorder. Many aftermarket camcorder batteries are designed with better materials and give even better performance than the original camcorder battery that comes with your camera.

The lithium camcorder batteries we carry at Sam’s Club are designed give you excellent results every time you pick up your camcorder and begin to shoot. When you want to keep a spare camcorder battery on hand and charged so that you never miss a moment, you’ll find great-performing replacement camcorder batteries right here. And you’ll find them at affordable prices.

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