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Bulk Candy & Snack Foods

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  • Nature Valley® Chewy Granola Strawberry Bars - 16 Pk

    Item  #: 854409 |Model #: AVTSN13158
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    • Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars with naturally flavored yogurt coating strike the perfect balance between taste and nutrition bringing together the goodness of whole grains and the nutritional benefits of calcium
    • 16 strawberry Granola Bars
    Only sold online
    Free Shipping
  • Candy Blox Assorted Uncoated Candy - 11 lbs.

    Item  #: 376514 |Model #: 20311
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      Candy Blox is an interactive pressed dextrose candy that is shaped like little pegged building blocks. Build 'em and eat 'em.
    • Approx 2200 pieces
    Only sold online
  • Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy - 11,000 ct.

    Item  #: 939730 |Model #: 22114
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      You can't go wrong with Bonz candy
    Only sold online
    $43.98 Out of stock online
  • Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy - 9,200 ct.

    Item  #: 46440 |Model #: 114
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      This ultra tangy and sour candy will have you in tears. 9,200 ct.
    Only sold online
    $44.98 Out of stock online
  • Pucker Up Tangy Byte Coated Candy - 13,500 ct.

    Item  #: 939374 |Model #: 20135
    + More details
      Candy shell coating makes these Pucker Up Tangy Bytes sweet then sour. Comes in assorted tartfruit flavors and colors. 13,500 ct.
    Only sold online
  • Gone Fishing Fruit Flavored Candy - 11,000 ct.

    Item  #: 46454 |Model #: 20118
    + More details
      Don't let this big one get away!
    Only sold online
  • + More details
      Relax with Airheads Blue Raspberry taffy bars for full flavor.
    Only sold online
  • Kaboom Mini Jawbreaker - Assorted - 1,430 count

    Item  #: 939412 |Model #: 21141
    + More details
      Hooray for jawbreakers!
    Only sold online
  • Kaboom Jawbreakers Assorted Solid Colors - 850 ct.

    Item  #: 939388 |Model #: 90851
    + More details
      Kaboom Jawbreakers Assorted Solid Colors 850ct case. Five colors and flavors.
    Only sold online
  • Mystery Center Jawbreaker - Assorted 850 count

    Item  #: 939405 |Model #: 20854
    + More details
      Mystery Center Jawbreakers make a great bulk vending item. 850 ct.
    Only sold online
  • Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Coated Candy - 9,200 ct.

    Item  #: 46447 |Model #: 995
    + More details
      Dubble Bubble's Cotton Candy Coated Candy provides an incredible "fluffy" taste!
    Only sold online
  • Tootsie Tarts Assorted Candy - 7,000 ct.

    Item  #: 376630 |Model #: 18300
    + More details
      Tootsie Tarts pressed dextrose disc shaped candy features the Tootsie brand name. Branded products increase bulk vending sales.
    Only sold online
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Results  126 of  26 Page 1  of  1

Wholesale Candy & Wholesale Snacks

Studies show that no matter what age the person is, he or she will rely on candy and snacks to help them get through the day, and about 59% of Americans try different types of snack food and candy instead of sticking to their favorite. Find your favorite snack and candy right here at Sam’s Club; or, if you’re a part of the 59%, we have a variety of treats to tickle your taste buds. From health bars such as grain bars and granola bars to a variety of delicious, multi-colored candies, we have an assortment of go-to snacks for you to choose from when those hunger pangs strike.

If you are buying for your office or vending machine, Sam’s Club offers a wide variety of snacks and candies to create an enticing display. Our products are always fresh and priced competitively, so you can rest assured you are providing your customers or co-workers with great snack and candy options.

Shop today for great savings on your bulk snack and bulk candy needs.