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Art Paper and Copy Paper Buying Tips

The type of art paper or copy paper you buy should be determined by the type of printer you have and what you intend to use it for. Copy papers can make your work appear more professional and gives it a more dynamic feel by making the prints and the images printed on the copy paper more vivid. If you’re thinking of making a presentation or marketing products, printing the matter on a copy paper makes it more impressive. Copy papers also offer greater contrast levels and due to the quality of copy papers, the documents can be printed at home or in the office instead of getting it professionally printed.


When shopping for color copy papers, check the specification to ensure it offers high brightness (96-98 brightness level), is at least 28lbs in weight, offers a smoothness of 40 or more, and has 95-98 opacity.


Some of the features of a copy paper

  • Color copy papers have been specially formulated to make the print look clearer with a greater contrast

  • Some of the most common uses of a color copy paper include brochures and flyers, charts, graphs, executive documents, and more.

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