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Armoires, Chests & Dressers

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  • Hives & Honey Madison Jewelry Armoire - Dark Walnut
    Hives & Honey Madison Jewelry Armoire - Dark Walnut
    Item #: 863265 |Model #: 2M01HH2011
    $ 199 81
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  • Brinley Cherry Five Drawer Chest
    Brinley Cherry Five Drawer Chest
    Item #: 586703
    $ 358 00
  • Alexa Chest by Lauren Wells
    Alexa Chest by Lauren Wells
    Item #: 733953 |Model #: FM375CH
    $ 257 28
  • Addison Black Chest
    Addison Black Chest
    Item #: 451576 |Model #: BP800CHB
    $ 378 00
  • Conley Five Drawer Chest
    Conley Five Drawer Chest
    Item #: 587000
    $ 414 88
  • Conley Dresser/Mirror Combo
    Price includes shipping
    Conley Dresser/Mirror Combo
    Item #: 589339
    $ 899 00
  • Conley Media Chest
    Conley Media Chest
    Item #: 586980
    $ 498 88
  • Gavin Chest
    Gavin Chest
    Item #: 451938 |Model #: HM100CH
    $ 399 00
  • Hives & Honey Madison Jewelry Armoire - Rustic Pine
    Hives & Honey Madison Jewelry Armoire - Rustic Pine
    Item #: 881361 |Model #: SM01HH2011
    $ 229 88
  • Brinley Cherry Dresser
    Brinley Cherry Dresser
    Item #: 586717
    $ 432 00
  • Addison Chestnut Dresser and Mirror
    Addison Chestnut Dresser and Mirror
    Item #: 164832
    $ 547 00
  • Pace 5 Drawer Chest
    Pace 5 Drawer Chest
    Item #: 874631
    $ 399 00
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Results  155 of  55 Page 1  of  1

Armoire Buying Info

  • An ‘armoire’ may be a confusing name for some. Basically, the furniture piece is a tall cabinet with drawers, shelves, and doors. They can adopt a variety of sizes and shapes. They can serve many uses, so they remain popular items due to their look and practicality. What are some ways in which you can use your new armoire? Read on to find out more.
  • Televisions are ubiquitous items throughout a household, but may be eye soars when not in use. Placing a set in a TV armoire can hide the device while not taking away from the aesthetic interior design. In addition, bigger armoires can also house stereos, DVDs, and other entertainment accessories.
  • Wood armoires can serve as a house for your hobbies. For instance, you can place model cars or airplanes, trophies, stamp collections, or other interest items in your armoire, making it serve as an ornate display case.
  • Armoires are often present in bedrooms. You can display your television or store clothes. Many people find armoires to serve as a nice supplement to their clothes closets that may offer ample space for shoes and dress shirts, but leave no room for jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and other items.
  • Many women appreciate the space afforded to them by a jewelry armoire. Armoires can house makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories. In addition, depending on the size of the piece, handbags, hand purses, and other dress accessories can be placed within.
  • Bathrooms can be adorned with elegant furniture too. Wood armoires can be placed in bathrooms to house towels, hand rags, and assorted linens.
  • Place an armoire near the front door to maintain mail, keys, items you don’t want to leave without, and more. There are so many beautiful armoires available; you can’t go wrong in deciding to place them in any area of your home.